I had asked Helen if I could “tap” on my Chihuahua’s nervous habit. She told me how and I did. I didn’t notice anything different after the first time. However, 20 minutes later I touched him and he felt softer then he had in months.
I continued “tapping” daily for two weeks, again, without seeing anything different until one day when I noticed him doing his nervous habit. I  then realized that he had been doing it less intensely and less frequently.
So, my little boy is less nervous and we continue to “tap” daily. Thank you, Helen!


“Helen has not only been a long-time business networking partner of mine, but she has also shown herself to be a dedicated friend, whose care, concern & devotion to her areas of expertise shine through to her personal & professional contacts alike. I highly recommend & support her in any of her ventures she offers, including workshops, seminars, mastermind groups & EFT/ holistic therapeutic services.” May 30, 2012  KM

“Helen is a wonderful and empathic woman with great technique and talent. Helen is a model of continuous motion and a flurry of energy that brings inspiration to those around her. She has a focus that delivers results and that is what is needed. Helen delivers.” May 28, 2012  SC

“I have known Helen for several years professionally as a public speaker, networker and life coach–and in all three arenas would classify her as superior. Helen is not only articulate and effective in her message, but as a motivator and problem-solver as well! I would recommend Helen to anyone seeking to sharpen and achieve clarity in their professional endeavors, in networking and or just to get ‘grounded’ again for re-direction.”    RC May 2012

There are some very bright people in our Central Florida community, but then there is Helen Vella … and the circumference of definition enlarges to include a massive amount of positive adjectives. I have had the privilege to participate alongside this very genuine and intelligent lady with diversified and productive organizations, and I truly admire her very spirited desire in imparting her knowledge to others. Helen is charming and full of integrity, give yourself a gift .. get to know her! D

“Helen’s experience speaks for itself. She is versed in a number of ways, and has excellent resources. She has worked with me on career coaching, networking and EFT. Helen is tireless, creative, personable and multi-dimensional. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their business and/or as a personal and corporate coach.”

Top qualities: Personable , High Integrity , Creative

Suzanne Fogelsong

I have attended many of Helen’s training courses on networking and personal development. I find them stimulating and interesting. Her ideas inspire me to action and when I apply the techniques she teaches I am effective at professional networking and interpersonal relationship building. I recommend Helen’s courses and continue to take them myself to continue my personal and professional development.”

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative

Rich Crabtree

“Helen shares her knowledge in a series of presentations. I have attended a number of classes and also take something new away. I have also had Helen speak at an office meeting. She is a professional and has a strong desire to help others. She is a dynamic individual.”

Top qualities: Expert , On Time , High Integrity

Jo Rogers

Helen Vella has been one of the most influential people in my life. I have directly traced back recent business success to advice that she has contributed to my situation. Helen is an expert in communication and business networking. I believe she is trustworthy, consistent and reliable. I would hire her as a coach and adviser again in the future.”

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Joel Goldstein

“A few moments after meeting Helen, it becomes clearly evident: her presence commands the ambiance in any given setting. A tactful diplomat, experienced consultant, and savvy networker, her charismatic and sociable personality put together with an accomplished career and an infinite number of contacts make Helen a valuable and influential resource.”