Ready to bounce back fast?

Were you able to attend Sonia Ricotti’s powerful Unsinkable “Bounce Back” Webinar?   If you missed it, I have great news for you!   Due to the high demand, Sonia has decided to schedule some “encore” webinars for you this weekend.   ==> Register now and reserve your spot.   Do your best to arrive … Continue reading

Benefits of Tapping

Originally posted on Coping with Stress, Grief and Life:
Benefits of Tapping The human body runs most efficiently when all its functions are as balanced as possible. While a perfect balance is usually not always the case, you can come close when you take steps to maintain emotional and physical issues. For many people suffering…

Do you know what is in your bread?

I love bread, always have, the warmer and fresher the better.  Bread was in my diet everyday, sandwiches, dipping in my favorite gravy and of course toasted at breakfast. Until I discovered most of my aches, pains and bloating was mainly due to eating all this bread.  I was tested by my holistic doctor and … Continue reading