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Cruise Apr 2016


A mother and grandmother I am very interested in how life has become stressful and people are grieving in so many ways.   I grew up in a working class family in the Highlands of Scotland and lived a very stressful worrying life growing up.  I went through some abuse that no child should endure.  I grew up with determination and drive to be a really good person, parent and grand parent and every day I strive to do just that.

I am passionate about helping kids and young adults and I base my practice around empowering, mentoring and inspiring these people.

I became a writer, speaker and holistic life coach so I could perhaps make a difference by teaching from my personal experiences. Overcoming challenges is not always an easy task but if you have the drive, the support and the tools to help then it is achievable .

With my posts I want to inspire, inform and empower people to know that there is a way out no matter how bad things seem to be.

I have recently got married again, which I thought I would never do, at my age especially (lol)   So never give up.

Please comment, ask questions or contact me – I will always answer and try my best to help.

I also have these websites, take a look  http://naturalandorganichealth.siterubix.com/


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