Are you compromising?

418202_336990622999767_270734249625405_1131128_1138589989_nCompromising yourself for others….we all do this and sometimes it is not to our advantage, emotionally, physically, and morally.

Most of the people we compromise for are family members and loved ones, so how do you change the people around you when they are family and loved ones.

It is much easier when you are not emotionally involved when you are making compromises.

I know when I make business compromises it is done objectively and then I never think about it again.   Making a small compromise for a friend on where to go for a drink or dinner is also not a big deal emotionally either.

However, when it comes to family it causes stress, sleepless nights, hours or days of going over and over in your head why you made the compromise instead of speaking your truth and causing yourself less stress and anxiety.

My clients are constantly letting me know how much stress they are under because of decisions they have made that affect them when it comes to their families and sometimes friends.

If we tell the truth and let people know the compromise is not sitting with you, whether you argue or discuss or debate the next move, it is much easier than making yourself ill with all the stress of not discussing it.

Be true to yourself and your morals and stick to your beliefs.

Life is too short to be unhappy and unwell.

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