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Vella & Associates

Hallandale Beach FL 33009

Contact: Helen Vella 


Website:                hvella_web


Show dates:

Thursday, December 3rd at 4pm EDT



Contact: CUTV News Radio, (631) 850-3314


CUTV News Radio spotlights Helen Vella of Vella & Associates


Hallandale Beach, FL – How can a child learn the skills to cope with challenges in a healthy way if they are raised in an environment that is insecure and unsafe?


Helen Vella is the founder of Vella & Associates, a coaching and self-development practice that uses revolutionary energy therapies to help clients release emotional blockages and achieve their full self. Though her clients are typically women in midlife navigating personal and professional transition, Helen has spent much of her career advocating for children. Once herself a victim of abuse, today Helen is dedicated to promoting the use of Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT among children.


“Society is changing but not fast enough for children right now,” says Helen. “I want to make children aware that they don’t have anything wrong with them. In fact, they have things that are very right with them that the rest of the world fails to understand. We don’t allow for their individuality to be expressed in a healthy way.”


EFT is a meridian energy healing modality that dates back 5,000 years to ancient Chinese medicine. According to Helen, unresolved emotions form blockages in our meridian system. Like acupuncture without needles, if we tap on certain meridian points, our body will release these blockages.


“The only thing I ask of my clients is to teach one child how to do EFT,” says Helen. “A child can learn EFT very easily to help overcome those moments when they’re in their bedroom alone by themselves with all the feelings they don’t know what to do with.”

Helen is the author of From Negative to Positive: How to Transform Your Life Anywhere, Anytime in Just 5 Minutes. In the book, Helen reveals her abuse as well as her determination to fight back. The book teaches how we can empower ourselves regardless of our situation or upbringing.From_Negative_To_Positive


CUTV News Radio will feature Helen Vella in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on December 3rd at 4pm EDT.


Listen to the show


If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.


For more information on Vella & Associates, visit



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