Why is there an increase in Suicide in Children?

What can you do to de-stress your kids?  Today kids as young as pre K are under pressure to perform, education is important but why so much pressure?   One of the ideas put into their brain is if they do not do well they will not succeed in life. Most of us would agree with this!!!!anxiety_1571855

When children are turning up at school at 7 am and leaving at 2.30 pm and then get home to  another 3 or 4 hours of homework to do, this is pressure……. these kids are only 11 and 12.

I know there are adults who work from 7 am till 7.30 pm but usually most adults work an 8 hour day.   What are these kids doing working 12 hour days?  When do they get time to be kids?

These kids are exhausted and under a great deal of pressure.  Do the schools and teachers actually get together and decide how much homework they are giving each child, I don’t think so……

Suicide rates for those between the ages of 10-14 increased over 50% between 1981 and 2007,  also suicide is the third leading killer among children ages 10-14 years (behind accidents and cancer).  It should be noted that although suicide is under reported among all age groups, this is particularly true for children.

Children seldom leave suicide notes, and they typically have less access to suicidal methods (e.g., guns, pills). When child suicides do occur, they often are officially reported as accidents.  (Excerpt from Suicide: An Essential Guide for Helping Professionals and Educators, by D.H. Granello, P.F. Granello, 2007 edition, p. 33-36 .)

So……..how can you help the kids?

  • Whether you are Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or any relative, when the child comes to you and wants to talk – please listen to them without judgement or interruption.
  • If the child is moody, not eating, depressed, not sleeping, pay attention to this and ask questions to find out what is causing the change in behavior.
  • Talk to the teachers and find out what is going on in school, it just takes a phone call or email to keep updated.
  • Look at how much homework they have and if it is possible for the child to fit this in within a reasonable time before getting enough sleep.
  • Find out who there friends are and how they are treating each other.
  • Be aware of what they are watching on their devices, what they watch all the time will influence how they behave.

We are all under pressure because of the changing world we live in.  The young of today are living a fast and furious lifestyle full of changes which they have to cope with every day.

The parents today had a very different childhood and therefore are learning coping skills to help their children.  All of this leads to stress, anxiety and fear.  Everyone needs to communicate with each other, through communication we learn about each other and therefore can help each other.

Taking time to stop just for a moment –  be in the moment – take a look at the children  in your life – consider what stress they may be under, whatever it is, it is real for them.


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