4 Simple Signs That You May Have Too Much Stress In Your Life

Coping with Stress, Grief and Life


Are you worried that you’ve got too
much stress in your life? How can you
know what’s healthy stress and what’s
too much?

Today I want to share 4 simple signs to
look out for in your life, and perhaps
more important, share a video that will
not only show you what you can do to
lessen and eliminate the stress, but will
also take you through a process to
eliminate it right now. 🙂

Make sure to watch this video, just
released by NY Times best-selling
author Nick Ortner, as it will teach you
one of the simplest and most effective
techniques I’ve ever found for
eliminating stress in minutes.

OK, here are the 4 simple signs that
you have too much stress:

#1 – Your mental abilities have changed.
You have more difficulty concentrating,
or you have trouble making decisions,
or you have a more negative outlook on

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