Do you like Moving at 61?

Do you like moving? well I moved this month and as always it never goes to plan.  There are so many factors involved.  I wanted to move to the beach and have been trying to do that for almost 10 years…I have now achieved one of my life time goals and finally here I am by the beach.

It took years of planning and guts to take the plunge especially as I am single and had no one to help out.  Moving to a place where I only knew about 3 people was very scary.

Moving my business and getting new clients, new connections and supporting myself, wow what a transition.

Although it has taken 601196_433613446720750_564368771_n or so to get a permanent place to live, I am getting settled into the community and starting to make connections

Transition is never easy, I am still not entirely settled, I have just managed to get internet connection that is of the speed that I can actually get something done.

I feel motivated and raring to go, stay tuned to see how my journey progresses.

Not everyone can take the plunge to move by themselves and start a new life at 61 years old.

Here I go………..




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