World Cup 2014

Are you watching the Soccer World Cup?  Surprises so far with Spain going out so early, wow.  Makes for a very interesting competition.

I sup0port England but live in America.  It is amusing to watch the games and listen to the Americans try to figure out how the game is played and how the scoring works.   Mostly they are amazed at how a 90 min game can still result in O-O when most of the American football_ball_clip_art_15713games have high scores.

Growing up with soccer or as we call football the world cup is such a motivator and it also brings the country together with a common aim.

Unfortunately when your team is out  then the whole country is then de motivated and finds all sorts of people and circumstances to blame for the team not playing their best.

However only the best qualify to be in the competition and therefore everyone should be proud and supportive for that.

We are in the early stages right now and I am looking forward to the rest of the games.

Hopefully you are supporting your Country with pride and I wish you all the best


Helen Vella




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