Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a subject that you either are intrigued by or completely disagree with.  I love it.  I have been doing past life with clients for a number of years now and am always, always fascinated at where people go.

There have been people in wars, murders, slavery, rich and very poor and abused.  All of them when we were done felt better and brought forward learning’s and motivation for moving forward i this life time.

Some of them got some amazing answers to things they were questioning all their lives and could move forward with focus and less confusion.

There has been a lot of research done on the subject of past life regression 

many books have also been written on the subject, many people have shared their experiences validating their is such an experience.      

Myself having experienced my own past lives and my clients sharing theirs I cannot not believe that past life regression is a great way to heal your future.

This is a great way to be informed and get insights into your past, however I have had experience where there has been trauma experienced.  Therefore you should only have this done with an experienced past life regression therapist.  They have to be able to guide you through the trauma and the healing you get from this insight otherwise you can bring the trauma into this lifetime instead on the healing and the insights.

I run workshops for group regressions and if you attend one of these remember you will not have the same experience you would have with a personal session.   Doing a group session you cannot be guided specifically it is more generic but you will still have an experience non the less.  Private sessions are the best if you want some deep exploration, if you are just mildly interested and want to see what it is about then a group session would benefit you.

If you want more information contact me.

Helen Vella


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