Lonely Thanksgiving

418202_336990622999767_270734249625405_1131128_1138589989_nThanksgiving is a time when families and friends get together.  Usually living rooms are full of people some which have traveled miles and miles to get there.

But….. some people in the room are not feeling it, they feel lonely and depressed and the people around them do not even notice.

Also people spend money, time and effort to be with people they really do not like or want to be with but feel it is their duty to be there.  Family history dictates the mood of the gathering and people become very anxious and nervous waiting for things to explode.

Blended families also have issues, the children now have 2 sets of families and either have to choose which family to be with or have two gatherings on the same day.

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for what we have no matter what it means to others, it is what it means to you, the individual. This can be very painful for some because of the childhoods they have led.  The ‘family’ reminds them of these terrible times!  Our Inner Child comes out emotionally and we re-create the unhappy experiences we had.

Give thanks for having families but also give thanks for  you being able to decide for yourself what type of event you want to have on the actual day.

Some people have many choices and are happily enjoying these choices, but there are some people, who through a sense of duty, guilt or loyalty have to be somewhere they really do not want to be.

Then there are the people who are comfortable with their choices and are happy to be alone and glad they are not pressurized to be somewhere they do not want to be.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and please give thanks and be grateful for what you have…….whatever that is, also be thankful for having the courage to make the right choices on the day.



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