Bullies or Bullied

Bullies and being bullied has been in the media so much over the last month due to the suicide of a 12 year old girl who was bullied at school.

The bullies were arrested ages 12 and 10 which is a consequence of their actions.  What is being done to help the bullied.

All I see is that we are teaching kids to report the bullies, and then the bullies get disciplined.Image

Personally I think we should be empowering the bullied.  The predator always prays on the weak so lets make the weak strong.

Predators will give up when the weak turn and become strong.  Let’s teach them to love themselves no matter what.  Lift their self esteem.

This teaching starts when they are very young and should be taught by parents, and care givers.  By the time they get to school the teachers should be enhancing self esteem and not nurturing weakness.

Bullies will always be around they have been since time began it is how you react to them that will change things.  More empowering classes, more self esteem raising at home and at school.

When kids commit suicide which is a big problem it is not because of one thing.  It is many things that make a person want to end their lives and although the bully plays a part in this there are other factors to consider which were implanted in their brain at a very young age and then nurtured.

Help dis-empower the bully and empower the bullied.

Helen Vella



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