Obesity and Children

Its_Not_What_You_eat (1)

Obesity is a major problem especially with children. Who is to blame?  Is there anyone to blame? What has changed for people in the western world to get bigger and bigger?

The western people are bigger and bigger but there are some food companies and restaurants making changes to menus and chemicals in food to help with this. Or are they?

Is it too late for some and how sad is it that children to-day may not live as long as their parents due to the foods and chemicals they have been fed since they were born.

Is it child abuse when an 18 month old or a toddler is overweight?   They are not in control of what they eat or how much they eat.   The people who look after them are.  Schools, day care, grand parents, parents all play a role in a child’s well being.

More than 1 in 5 children between the ages of 6-17 are now considered overweight.

The world for a child has changed so much over the years.  Now it is not safe to have your kids play outside while dinner is getting ready.  Getting a child to do something other than play video games or watch youtube on their phones and other devices takes planning.

With parents being so busy so they can support the family what needs to be done to keep a child healthy and balanced is often not considered.  This is not something that is taught because it never needed to before.

Perhaps we need more parenting classes included when a couple decide to have a long term relationship that could include having children.

I don’t really know the answer I just know that it is a problem and food is used as a reward, comfort and celebration.  Food is also needed to survive and really what we eat to-day is not really food.

There are lots of stats and guidelines on what is going on, what the affects are and what can be done to prevent it.  Unfortunately until the child, parent or guardian realizes there is an issue it is a challenge to reverse and some of the damage to health may never be reversed.



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