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Coping with Stress, Grief and Life

Are you confused how to use EFT, tapping effectively?

My clients are always saying “I don’t know what to say”,  “What do I tap on”?

Rule of thumb…… however you are feeling and whatever words are going through your head that is what you tap on and the words you use.

EFT is also great to use without the words if you are not sure exactly what to say.

The important thing is to tap while you are having a negative emotion.

There are several books, youtube videos that can also help.

Nick Ortner wrote a great book on The Tapping Solution

The book gives some great insight into Tapping and how effective EFT really is.

Another great way is to teach your kids as early as you can how to tap.  I have taught kids as early as 2 to tap.  Check out this book.  

You will help change…

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