How is your Relationship?

windy ocean

Rough patches in our lives seem to be inevitable, how we deal with them however will either decide whether we are happy or unhappy, balance or out of balance.

How do you deal with upset, arguments, disagreements and discord in your life?

We have programs already in our brain which have us react to upsets in our life.  Getting upset and holding onto our negative emotions to a situation gets stored in our brain and our body, this in turn when we interact with another human being will determine how we react.   These are unconscious reactions that some people think we have no control over.

Once we are aware of what we are doing and how we are reacting it is no longer an unconscious habit and therefore we are in control of our actions and reactions.

Going through arguments we also tend to add things from the past into the present argument which makes this escalate and then leads to separation, divorce and break ups.

Stress has a major factor in our lives and this leads us to be short tempered and less passive and positive.  It is a constant struggle for some people to stay balanced and stress free.

So what do you do to de-stress your life?

Let me know and share your de-stressing tips.


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