Time Wasters

ImageWhere do you get your energy from to handle all the social media sites there are?

Whatever you do there is always a social media site that needs updating.  Running my own business calls for being on most of the social media sites.

Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google + to name but a few, being an author I am also on many author forums and pages as well.  Sometimes I think I am going mad.  Oh… I don’t forget blogging 🙂

Today I decided to list all the pages, forums and sites and decide how I was going to manage them.

Having many sides of my business, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Radio Show Host, there are many facets of updating what I am doing and commenting on related conversations.   I do have a Virtual Assistant that handle some of the social media but not all of it.

Interaction is key for followers and sharing and this has to be done by the person themselves and not a third party.  Unless of course you are rich and famous then your people do everything for you.  🙂

How do you do it?  How do you have enough time in the day.  There are Youtube videos to records, webinars to record, radio shows to record and workshops to put together, all of this takes time and preparation.   The updating of the social media can take some of the time but the preparation is the key.

Time Management is what I tell my clients, allocate certain times in the day or evening to do your preparation and your updating and make sure you set a timer so you do not get side tracked.  However great advice that is, you can still get side tracked onto conversations that are relevant and good for business.

When will it all end Facebook is putting all sorts of new rules in and many people will leave facebook because of it so what will happen to all your followers and everything you have built on the site.

Most social media is not in your control so how are you managing all of it.   There are so many places, books and video training all with good stuff on how to get the best from all the social media sites.  Again you have to have the time to read, listen or watch so you can implement.

Sometimes it can be so overwhelming you do nothing!!!

I have decided to cut down on so many and choose just a few and spend quality time on them, let’s hope that works.

What results are you really getting from your social media platforms?


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