Brain & Pain Management

I have read 1,000’s of books and i love it when I find one I really resonate with. The book was amazing.   So amazing as it was reciting part of my life.


I am a great believer in self healing and I encourage all my clients to practice this, myself when I was injured a few years ago decided I was not going to have surgery and I was going to heal myself.

Reading this book reminded me again the power of the mind Evolve Your Brain The Science of Changing Your Mind

When I was reading I could not believe he was talking about exactly what I did to heal myself which really worked.   The way he explains the science behind it and the exercise showing you how to do it yourself really do work.

I would urge anyone who has pain of any description to follow the process in this book.

Joe Dispenza D.C.s a great writer and easy to follow.

Enjoy your health and be exactly what you want to be.


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