Fear and Where does it come from

Yesterday I was invited by a friend to go to a group where we were going to discuss things that go on in our brain and be stimulated.   Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon I thought.


The facilitator decided to bring up the topic of FEAR, ok I thought that works for me big topic and every day dealing with clients fear comes up every time.  What I did not want was to be in an open forum where I was counseling and not participating with like minded equals.

What transpired was they played a recording where the person suggested all fear comes from the second we enter into this world at our birth and all the reasons this happens.   Being cold, leaving the warmth of the womb, cutting the cord, etc

Good theory I thought but I also know it comes from within the womb, previous lives, childhood and a myriad of other places so I thought when the recording is finished this should be great for a full discussion.

Wrong…….. everyone decided the recording was the guru and must be right so the discussion which only 2 people out of 18 participated went down the same road as the ‘guru’.

As it was my first time and I was new to what was going on in the group I was not about to suggest other alternatives at this time.

It brought me to think about how people believe too easily in what one person suggests and do not explore other possibilities especially when it comes to their health.  People are too ready to accept what seems to be a reasonable explanation to where their fears come from and then follow the path.

The suggestion for dealing with this fear was to find an Island in your head and go there where there was no fear and make sure you are mindful of where you are at all times.   Great idea I teach this myself but it is not how you overcome your fears it is an aid to calm down but for some it can also be a place to repress.

Taking medication is not an option of course but explore other ideas, EFT is always an option as it does clear the fears.  NLP is an option because that clears the fears also.  Hypnosis, regression, meditation, yoga and so much more.

A great book I read many years ago By Susan Jeffers Feal the Fear and Do It Anyway. 

Please always look at options and discuss where you think you fear comes from, as I continually mention, everyone is different and everyone has different experiences and therefore their fears are individual and not generic.


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