Pain Management

Taking a Holistic approach to your well-being can be challenging.  Not knowing where to go and what to look for.  Your brain can get overloaded just thinking about it and emotionally the stress level increases.  There are so many different ways to look after your health.

Image Stress, Anxiety and Depression according to the media are extremely high to-day.    Most people will go to their doctor and get medication to help them instead of looking at the root cause of what is behind the symptoms. Medication is masking the cause.

Recently I had a fall and hurt my back, herniated disc to be specific.   As a holistic therapist I wanted to repair myself without the need for drugs or surgery.

I looked intochiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, vitamins, massage and also included the modalities I use in my sessions such as EFT, NLP and hypnosis.    Through this journey I discovered several things that helped me and  I was amazed at my results.

Through the journey I shared with people my success and came across several people with injuries similar to mine but they had been living with the pain for several years.   Once they tried the treatments they too have had relief they thought they would never have.

There are always emotions attached to the physical pain and these need to be addressed for the pain to be fully relieved.

Integrated medicine is necessary for whole mind, body and spiritual health.  Check out all the alternatives and do not think you need to live with physical or emotional pain for ever.

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