What Empowers YOU?


I chose to write books to empower people to help themselves.  My first book is about my abusive childhood and how it shaped my self esteem.  How I was humiliated most of my school life, bullied and abused.   Getting determined and getting over it.

Hard knocks of life shape you and make you the person you are to-day whether in a positive or a negative way.   I choose to write about turning the negative into a positive and giving practical tools and ideas, step by step so the individual is empowered to help themselves.

In life you cannot rely on others for your emotional support, physical support and financial support all of the time.  There comes a point where you have to dust yourself off and start all over again.

I have started all over again 3 major times in my life and I know some of you out there have done it more times than that.   Some of the great millionaires of to-day started over quite a few times until they got a formula that worked for them.

I am not saying it is easy, it has not been for me at times but if you get up every day and at least try, even if you only find 1 resource a day that gives you ideas, steps or inspiration to move on then it is a step in the right direction.

The book I am going to publish next is about overcoming grief, giving you step by step help, the knowledge comes from going through it myself and also helping numerous clients go through it also.

Then I am going to write the second part of my first book From Negative to Positive and bring you readers up to date with where I am to-day and some of the experiences I have faced over the second part of my life.

Find something that inspires you and motivates you.   It is different for everyone and listening to advice from friends is great and helps but sometimes it just does not work for you.

Find your own empowerment.


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