What goes on in your Brain

What really happens inside your brain?

Most people think when they get older they are going to lose their memory, forget things, get Alzheimer’s or other brain diseases.

In Bruce Lipton’s book he explains how we can generate new brain cells and we do not have to get to the point of losing any of the abilities we were born with.

I am a great believer that we generate new cells as this is a proven fact.  However we can generate healthy, positive cells we do not have to re-generate unhealthy cells.

Having a positive attitude and repeating to yourself often that you will only reproduce healthy cells will result in exactly that.  Healthy Cells.

I have read many articles and books on this subject but Bruce Lipton PHD is one I really love as he is a scientist and he believes in the holistic approach to health.

I recommend this book often to my clients and refer to it as a reminder to myself.Image


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