Emotions at School



Did you enjoy school or does the very mention of school bring back horrific memories for you?  Did you enjoy school but your kids are having a hard time?

I know when I was at school, although I loved being there to learn and I really enjoyed the work, I was constantly teased and made fun of.

The result of this teasing and name calling was I did not think very highly of myself.  When you hear the same things over and over you start to believe them of yourself.   Especially when the majority of people are saying these things to you.  This shapes how you act and react as an adult.

To-day at school things are the same except there are more ways to feel bad about yourself.

The pressure of all the school work and the deadlines you have to reach.  The computer and technical details that you must learn to advance but sometimes due to economics within the family it is not always possible trying to keep up with the work like the ‘other’ kids.

College kids are doing all nighters to keep up with deadlines, read more


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