Cycle of Success


What is your cycle for success?  There are so many ways you can become successful and there are many many books and training materials on the subject.

However we all have our own spin to make it our own way and we are always looking for some way to become more successful.   Trying to find the next something that has not been done by someone else.   Also trying to replicate what others have done and hoping it will work for us.

Here are some tips you might add to what you already know.

  • Discovering your why..…. what are the reasons you do what you do.  Why did you pick what you do and what are you expecting to achieve.   Freedom, new home, better life style, travel.   What is your why?  Do you believe in it and are you focused on it.
  • Setting your plan or goal……. Do you have a plan?  Have you a business Plan, what sort of road map have you planned for the next 10 years, 5 years, 1 year.   How are you going to implement this.
  • Build your List…..  You have to have a list.  Generating a list of people you know through your networking, meetings, clients, friends.   These should be on your facebook, twitter, Linkedin and all other of your social media sites.  Building your list is crucial for you to get your word out on your product or service.
  • Training and Learning…….  Learn as much as you can about your service or product, learn about your competitors and what people are saying.   Train the people you work with about yourself, product and service so they represent you how you want to be.
  • Branding and Reputation……..   A good brand is something you would want to get a professional to help you with.  Branding throughout all of your communications paper and media will help you get more notice in your industry and get people to follow you.   Reputation is key.  Take care to do the best you can always to for your clients and customers and follow up on all comments about your business whether good or bad.

Your success is in your own hands.   Believe in yourself and have good people around you who also believe in you and your product.

Success is different for everyone work out what it means to you and go for it.


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