Network Like a Pro for Profit and Fun


Networking is important to all of us. Whether you are a small business owner, part of a community group or a corporation, the people we are connected to and in turn who they are connected to are important.

I may be dating myself, but there used to be a shampoo commercial where a woman with beautiful hair said she would tell two friends about the shampoo, and then she would tell two friends and so on and so on.

This same concepts work for your networks. Your connections, talk to their connections and so on and so on.  They pass on what they think of you and what they think of your product or service.

A good network can help you get to the client base and business to help reach your goals.

Today, when you think of networking you are more than likely thinking about  Facebook,  Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections and other social media sites where networking and communication is done.

While these are important, nothing can replace the benefit of a face-to-face connection.  Looking into someones eyes, seeing their facial expressions and watching their body language, all tools society could be losing if they do not get up from their laptops etc.

Here are some tips to help you make your connections more productive:

  • Prepare and practice you elevator speech – Whether you have 1, 2 or 5 minutes, be able to describe yourself and your business in clear, concise detail.  Using jargon will confuse people so stick to the basics.
  • Look the part – Make sure when you are meeting potential clients or customers you are dressed professionally from head to toe.  Always wear a professional badge instead of a sticky label.
  • Follow up When you make a connection make sure you follow up within 48 hours of meeting them.
  • Meet for coffee or tea and ask how you can help them and what they need to find their perfect client.

You can network like a pro, have fun and make profits.


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