Negative to Positive


Self Help is something most people will look for at different points in their lives.

There are so many ways for you to be able to help yourself in any part of your life.  One of the ways that I would like to mention is being aware of your energy and your emotions.

Most people are not aware of their energy and how it affects their communication.

Have you every walked into a room and immediately thought you do not like someone even though you have not met them or even spoken to them?   Some will tell you this is body language but before body language you have energy and their energy was such that it repelled your energy.

Your emotional state will affect your energy.   If you are in a low frequency, feeling not quite 100% and maybe a little introvert or reserved then you will find people don’t find you approachable.  If you are feeling 100% and positive and full of life then your energy has a higher frequency and others find you more approachable.

All of the above helps in Networking and relationships.

My new book which is FREE on Amazon till the 20th February 2013 explains about emotions and how to overcome negative and turn them into positive.

Being in control of your emotions and energy takes work and effort and mostly awareness.  Being aware of how people are reacting to you is the first sign for YOU to be aware of what emotional state you are in.

Self development is never ending, there is always something to learn.


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