Overcoming Depression

February on the Horizon



February is nearly upon us for 2013.   How is your year going so far?

The Mayan Calendar said the world would end December 2012 as we know it, so what has changed for you in 2013.

I have noticed quite a few changes myself, the people around me seem to be more positive, business for many is getting better and I think most of us are now ready to leave the past behind and get moving forward.

Many of my clients live in the past, is this you?   Staying in the past and not living for the now or the future has many negative effects on your health, life and emotions.

Depression, anxiety, stress and a whole host of other symptoms set in when you are living in the past and only focusing on what happened before and keeping it in the forefront of your thoughts.

Start to learn to re-frame your thoughts, by that I mean when you get a negative thought talk to yourself and say you are not listening and change it into something you WILL do or remember something that makes you smile and happy.  Even if this is for a fleeting moment it is ok because as you practice this throughout every day you will find that your negative moments start to get less and your positive ones get more.

Remember whatever your thoughts and feelings are is exactly what you will attract more of.   Please change your thoughts which WILL change your life.

Release your depression once and for all.


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